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DURAZone® High Jump Pits In Action
DURAZone™ High Jump Pad After a Mild Rain


In 2008 Sportsfield Specialties introduced the first and only line of high jump and pole vault field event padding in the industry to incorporate a one of a kind lightweight, synthetic drainage layer into the pad.

The DURAZone™ line of high jump and pole vault landing pit systems provide a better draining padding system for both sports. The built in advanced synthetic drainage layer allows for rapid water evacuation from the pad both vertically and laterally. This unique structural design of the drainage layer allows for air to flow under the pad in addition to allowing the water to flow out. With DURAZone™ the pad no longer sits in water, extending the life of your pad.


DURAZone™ In the Field

DURAZone™ High Jump Pit After a Mild Rain

On a recent visit to Las Vegas, Nevada we stopped into one of our DURAZone™ installation sites, Bishop Gorman High School. As was our luck, it had rained earlier in the day and things were still drying. Our inspection of the DURAZone™ high jump pad found that it was performing as designed. The pad was nearly dry while water ran out from the underside.

Upon closer inspection of the high jump landing pit we found that a good portion of the ground underneath the pad had dried out already as well.

The surface of the pad was dry, the subsurface was nearly dry, but was the inside of the pad dry? The only way to really tell was the test the pad out.

Our sales reps sat on the pad and felt no wetness, however just sitting on the pad doesn't give the same sort of use as a high jumper would and we needed to find out if an athlete would get wet using the pad this close to having been rained on.

DURAZone™ High Jump Landing Pit, Post Rain Test

Luckily for our sales rep the high jump pad had performed as designed and he didn't have to spend the remainder of the day with wet clothes.

It is important to note that these landing pit systems do still come with weather covers to prevent hard rains from totally soaking the pads. No matter how good the drainage is, prevention of as much exposure as possible is still the best way to protect your pad and keep it ready to use.

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