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History of the Modern Football Goal Post

GP Cardinals 02Recently our own Matt Moyse was contacted by Fort Lauderdale, Florida newspaper the Sun Sentinel. Journalist Harvey Fialkov was researching the history of the modern football goal post, known at the time of its adoption by the NFL as the 'slingshot goal post.'

The article details the journey inventor Joel Rottman took, creating and marketing to the NFL and universities the first slingshot form football goal post, replacing the traditional 'H' goals that were common at the time.

The 'slingshot' version of the football goal post is the most commonly used goal post today and for many fans, its the only football goal post they know.

Mr. Fialkov, in a search for the leader in goal post manufacture and design, contacted Sportsfield Specialties.  Sportsfield, the industry innovator, introduced the AdjustRight® Football Goal in 2003 as an evolutionary advancement on Rottman's original design, adding our own enhancements to what had become the industry standard.

AdjustRight® was designed to hold internal dimensioning and squareness sideline to sideline while providing 17" of total adjustability end line to end line virtually ensuring perfect installation, critical to the NFL and other high level venues.

Sportsfield Specialties continues to push the envelope as related to Mr. Rottman's original design, with a focus on providing a functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing goal post that is not only easy to install, but simple to adjust.

The AdjustRight® Football Goals... continuing a tradition of innovation and excellence.


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