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Custom Designed for Stockton
TurfCool® Hose Reel Box - Finshed

STOCKTON, CA – In July of 2009, Sportsfield Specialties,Inc. was contacted by the associates and principles at Verde Design; a Landscape Architecture firm well known in Northern California and the Bay Area for their work and design of multiple sporting facilities.

The need was for the development of a specialized custom product which would follow in the philosophy of Sportsfield Specialties, Inc.’s already popular and successful TurfCool® line of in-ground sprinkler, quick connect valve and gate valve access boxes. Verde Design was looking for a version which would allow for a hose reel to be enclosed and stored at different locations in a field application, as an alternative to water cannons, with the hose allowing for multiple other uses where a cannon simply served one purpose in watering down and cooling the field when needed.

TurfCool® Hose Reel Box

The engineering team at Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. got to work, and quickly began development on what would become the TC-3800-DGM-TS Hose Reel Enclosure Box….Sportsfield Specialties, Inc.’s brand new addition to the TurfCool® line.

The TC-3800-DGM-TS is the largest TurfCool® product to date, boasting a 3’H x 3’W x 2’2’’L size, 3/16’’, Aluminum Construction with Stainless Steel Hardware. Tucked inside you will find a 75’ hose and mounted ReelCraft Hose Reel, with a quick coupler reducer attached to the end of the hose for added convenience and functionality. The lids have the familiar lockable and removable access points as seen on previous TurfCool® products, allowing the hose to be pulled out and retracted, and water supply to be turned on and off without disengaging the entire lid itself.

After constructive reviews over the past 11 months and final tweaking and modifications to the overall design, Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. is proud to debut our newest product in the TurfCool® line, with 12 being delivered and installed at the Stagg High School Stadium Renovation Project in early April of this year.


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