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GP4383RH Football Goal Post - Rotating / Hinged (Patent Pending)



  • Easy Lightweight Install / Removal
  • Hydraulic Hinge Mechanism
  • 360° Rotation Mechanisim
  • 90° Auto Lock on Rotation for Exact Positioning
  • Plate Mounted
  • AdjustRight® Upright Adjustment System
  • 30' Uprights
  • 8' Offset
  • Directional Flags Included
  • Hardware Kit Included
  • Available in Yellow or White

Sportsfield Specialties proudly introduces another patent pending industry first; the “Ultimate” AdjustRight® Rotating and Hinged Football Goal Post.

The ONLY football goal post that can BOTH rotate 180 degrees to allow for a maximum length soccer field; eliminating potential soccer ball ricochet interference from the football goal post crossbar and/or uprights AND be lowered and raised, quickly and smoothly via a simple to operate hydraulic hinge feature.

This revolutionary one of a kind product is the perfect solution for multi-use synthetic turf football/soccer athletic fields whose design, layout and construction have been in conflict recently due to the 2009-2010 NFHS Soccer Ruling; Rule 1, Section 4, Article 1, and its subsequent varying interpretations. This product eliminates those issues by allowing the football goal post assembly to be rotated out of the soccer playing field completely and quickly. More importantly, the rotation can easily be performed by just one (1) person in less than a minute making field conversion for both competition and practice purposes exceptionally easy for the end user.

An easy to use three in one, multi-purpose tool is included for locking/unlocking, rotating and raising the football goal post assembly. In addition, a simple but capable locking system has been provided which prevents unwanted operation of the “Ultimate” AdjustRight® Rotating and/or Hinge mechanisms.

Football's First Hydraulic Hinged Football Goal Post

Sportsfield Specialties’ hydraulic based hinge system offers the ultimate in football goal post flexibility, meeting the demands of multi-use facilities and stadiums at all levels of competition. The hydraulic hinge design allows the football goal post to not only be lowered quickly, less than fifteen (15) seconds, but also to be ready to play again in less than ninety (90) seconds, critical in certain game ending situations. The hydraulically controlled descent ensures the operators are clear from the drop zone area and eliminates the need for cables to be attached to the goal for lowering purposes.

In addition, the necessity for constant football goal post removal at multi-use stadiums is no longer applicable, allowing for a safe and efficient conversion of the facility.

The “Ultimate” AdjustRight® Rotating and Hinged Football Goal Post offers authentic game changing technology.

All this plus our AdjustRight® Technology!

This aluminum football goal post features our AdjustRight® technology that is designed to hold internal dimensioning and squareness sideline to sideline while giving 17" of total adjustability end line to end line.

United States Patent #7,914,401 - Issued March 29, 2011

Plate Mounted Football Goal Post

The Sportsfield Specialties aluminum plate mounted goal post utilizes a base plate and corner bolt attachment method. A ground plate with anchor bolts is mounted in a concrete pier and the base of the gooseneck fits over the corner bolts. The base plate is connected to the bottom of the gooseneck with four, welded steel plate gussets. Adjustment to plumb is accomplished by loosening the lock nuts and turning the appropriate leveling bolts.


3 Part Specification

CAD Drawing (DWG)

CAD Drawing (DXF)

Overview Cut Sheet

Installation Instructions

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Base Plate inside Access Kit Installation of the Football Goal Post onto the Base Plate Hydraulic Hinge Mechanism Close-up Rotation of the Football Goal Post Lowered Football Goal Post 180° Rotated and Partially Lowered Football Goal Post with Soccer Goal

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3 Part Specification

CAD Drawing (DWG)

CAD Drawing (DXF)

Overview Cut Sheet

Installation Instructions

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