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Citrus Bowl Provides a Unique Challenge

The Citrus Bowl, a central Florida landmark since 1936, has undergone a major transformation in preparation for the 2010 season.

"We are known primarily as a football venue" says Greg Thompson, Stadium Superintendent.  "But what many people don't realize is the number and variety of other events we host.  These include concerts, soccer, both professional level and local school competition, Motocross, and our season ends in January with the monster trucks.  The venue also hosted the WWE in 2007 which drew a record 74,500 fans."

After 2009's disastrous Citrus Bowl, which was dubbed "The Mud Bowl" due to torrential rains in December, the decision was made to replace the natural grass surface with synthetic turf.  This presented a difficult challenge for the Bowl Authority as to what was needed in terms of football goal posts for the venue.

"We needed the flexibility to change from high school to college/pro competition, as well as preparing for a concert or other event, sometimes within the space of a single weekend" explained Tim Cornell, Stadium Manager for the City of Orlando.  "We were not aware of any one product that could accomplish this and we needed them in place by August 30 to coincide with the synthetic turf schedule and our first game.  There were a lot of obstacles to overcome."

Patrick McGuire, President of the project design consulting firm Stantec Sport, contacted Sportsfield Specialties for a solution.  "I had worked with them on many projects and hoped they could help us with a solution for this multi-use facility."

The solution: the brand new "Ultimate" AdjustRight® Rotating and Hydraulic Hinged Football Goal Post.

The patent pending "Ultimate" AdjustRight® football goal post is capable of rotating 180° out of the field of play and can lower via a hydraulically operated hinge from an upright position to the ground in less than 15 seconds, and can be raised from the ground to its upright position in as little as 90 seconds.

The industry unique hydraulic hinge system allows the goal to lower to the ground using a controlled fall, all that's required to begin this process is the unlocking of the mechanism and release of the valve, the goal then lowers to ground at a steady pace and gently rests onto the ground.  The built in hand pump then allows one person to raise the goal back to its upright position without the need of additional manpower or equipment.

To suit the needs of facilities like the Citrus Bowl, the goal can easily be removed from its plate mount once it is lowered to the ground.  This then allows the goal to be removed from the field entirely using a minimal amount of manpower and equipment.

One of the additional needs of the Citrus Bowl was the ability to change the football goal post crossbar from high school to college/professional level competition sizes, a capability available in our already existing line of expandable football goals which feature a telescoping crossbar.  Our "Ultimate" AdjustRight® football goal posts are available in combination with any of our existing football goal post features, including the expandable telescoping crossbar and AdjustRight® upright technology.


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