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Yankee Stadium Set for Gridiron Prime Time Debut

Sportsfield Football Goals at Yankee StadiumWhen Notre Dame and Army square off on Saturday, Nov. 20 to mark the debut of college football at the new Yankee Stadium, the field, stretching from the home plate area to deep center field, will be equipped with an array of products from Sportsfield Specialties, a manufacturer of sports competition equipment based in this rural upstate community.

To prepare the new stadium, which opened in 2009, to host the nationally televised Notre Dame-Army game (NBC Sports) and the inaugural New Era Pinstripe Bowl (ESPN) Dec. 30, the Yankees organization faced a laundry list of equipment needs ranging from goal posts to end zone pylons all the way to the vests worn by the on-field replay review personnel. To meet those needs, the Yankees turned to Sportsfield Specialties for its products and service.

Among the first investments the Yankees made in their new stadium’s future as a destination venue for college football programs was the selection of the Sportsfield Specialties Adjust Right(R) model goal post with its patent-pending upright technology. Due to time and access constraints, the first phase of construction began during the Major League All-Star break in mid-July with the installation of ground sleeves for the center field goal post and its accompanying netting system. Construction resumed on October 29 when ground sleeves for the second goal post and netting system were inserted near home plate and the centre field goal post was installed and positioned. Finally on Nov. 5, the goal post phase of the Yankee Stadium football conversion was completed with the installation of the home plate area goal post and both netting systems.

As for the other products that Sportsfield Specialties is supplying Yankee Stadium, the list includes these essential on-field items: end zone pylons, sideline yardage markers, weather tarp, first down chain set, down indicators, TV camera crew vests, replay review crew vests, and network TV vests.

Our sister company, Promats® Athletics also provided the padding for Yankee stadium at the time of its construction and more recently with expanded padding coverage, more details can be found at the Promats® Athletics website.

“We’re extremely pleased to have this wonderful opportunity to be a key contributor to the future of Yankee Stadium in college football,” said Wayne Oliver, President of Sportfield Specialties. “Naturally, the exposure is terrific for our products and service, but we’re New Yorkers, we’re fans and working with the Yankees organization is an undisputed honor.”

From its location in Delhi, NY, Sportsfield Specialties is building a national reputation for premium sports competition equipment and recently contributed to the renovation of the Citrus Bowl Stadium in Orlando, FL, the site of the Champs Sports Bowl and the Capital One Bowl.

Sportsfield Football Goals at Yankee Stadium Sportsfield Football Goals at Yankee StadiumSportsfield Football Goals at Yankee Stadium Sportsfield Football Goals at Yankee Stadium


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