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ComBox® Plus 3500

3500 - 02

Compatible Surfaces

  • Synthetic Infill Turf


  • AC Power
  • Lighting
  • Timing
  • Scoreboards
  • Public Adress
  • Cameras
  • Communications
  • Irrigation Valves

Sportsfield Specialties 3500 Series ComBox® Plus with patented Infill Retainer System represents a new and innovative product in the design and installation of in-ground electrical/communication access boxes for synthetic infill turf applications. The cumbersome and time consuming task of wrapping and stapling synthetic turf around “assembled” covers in the field has been eliminated entirely and replaced with a process that mirrors the synthetic infill turf installation itself. Synthetic turf installers can now simply adhere the synthetic turf backing to the main aluminum lid and two aluminum hand hole covers which include perforated drainage holes and infill them with the necessary amount of sand and/or rubber material. The synthetic infill turf terminating at the outside perimeter of the ComBox® Plus is attached with an adhesive utilizing the factory pre-installed synthetic infill turf attachment ledge or through the use of an optional nailer supplied and installed by others.

Flexible 1¼” high gasket seals are located around both the exterior and interior perimeters of the ComBox® Plus cover and hand hole areas preventing the sand and/or rubber infill material from migrating horizontally, while still providing a resilient surface for athletes. The main cover now has an optional locking system preventing unwarranted removal, while the two hand hole covers have been converted from rectangular to circular allowing for a simple rotating lock system, as well as a more stable and uniform form and fit. These innovative product changes address the customer concerns related to the migration of infill material into and out of the ComBox® with provisions for enhanced security at the field level. While there are many new features to the ComBox® Plus, some of the same benefits of the original ComBox® still apply such as an open bottom for drainage purposes and durable aluminum construction. Custom sizes and designs are still available upon request.

Utilizing over ten years of experience with synthetic infill turf related in-ground athletic field construction products and as the inventor of the original ComBox®, Sportsfield Specialties has successfully incorporated customer driven changes into the ComBox® Plus; the next generation of our industry leading electrical/communication access boxes. In parallel, Sportsfield Specialties has taken the best attributes of our unique and patented Infill Retainer System and implemented those throughout our entire line of products that require synthetic infill turf installation in the field including Access Frame Kits, patented SG2S® Soccer Goal Safety Systems and TurfCool® Hose Reel and Sprinkler/Valve Enclosure Boxes, ensuring that all of our in-ground access boxes exhibit the same enhanced features and benefits of the ComBox® Plus.

United States Patent #7,784,636 Issued August 31, 2010

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ComBox® Plus 3500


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