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Welcome to Sportsfield Modular

Predictable Schedule

  • Concurrent Construction
  • Negligible Weather Impact
  • Simplified Scheduling
  • Minimal Site Preparation


Sportsfield Specialties' Delhi, NY Manufacturing Facility
Sportsfield Specialties' Delhi, NY Manufacturing Facility

Professional Appearance

  • Professional NOT Industrial
  • Hand Finished Interiors
  • Recessed Lighting
  • No Wire Moulding


Professionally Finished Interiors

Lower Project Cost

  • Efficient Construction Process
  • Economies of Scale
  • Proven, Practical Designs
  • Minimal On Site Assembly


Soup to Nuts

  • Design Through Installation
  • Dedicated Installation Crews
  • Consistent Results


Dugout Frame
Storage Building Ready for Siding

Made to Order

  • Not Just Prescribed Options
  • Variety of Colors & Materials
  • Compliment Surroundings
  • Custom Appearance or Style


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Since 1998, Sportsfield Specialties has established a reputation of providing high quality safe products while maintaining a level of customer service that is second to none. Unlike a site built structure, which is typically created by multiple contractors, Sportsfield Specialties has the sole responsibility for creating a quality end product. Sportsfield Specialties pre-built structures meet all applicable ASTM, IBC, NEC and ADA requirements. There are also specialized designs that adhere to strict wind speed, seismic, snow load, and fire rating criteria. All of these product designs are certified by an independent licensed engineering firm.

Environment Friendly

  • Non Toxic Coating Processes
  • Focus on "Green" Materials
  • Recyclable and Recycled
  • Energy Self-Sufficiency


Safety and Service

  • Established Reputation
  • Sole Responsibility for Results
  • Specialized Designs
  • Independent Certification


Consistent Quality

  • Site Expertise Not a Factor
  • MIG & TIG Welded Joints
  • Few Bolts to Loosen
  • Five Year Warranty


When Sportsfield Specialties provides a quote, we include all engineering costs and, when requested, installation by our dedicated crews. Other manufacturers and distributors may add on hidden engineering costs and typically “bid out” their installations to the lowest bidder. Sportsfield Specialties’ customers have a single point of contact throughout the entire process from design through to installation. Our dedicated crews ensure that every installation is completed at the same high level of quality!

Sportsfield Specialties instituted a dry powder coating process in cooperation with the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. This process avoids the environmental hazards of zinc galvanization and lacquer paint systems while providing comparable or better rust protection and durability. In addition, bio-composite sheeting and poly-lumber created from post consumer plastic and forestry by-products are featured in many products. Sportsfield Specialties is also working on ways to provide energy self-sufficiency in our designs via photovoltaic and turbine technologies.

Pre-Built vs Site Built

With pre-built construction, the site work can be completed while the structure is being built in a climate controlled manufacturing facility. This controlled environment virtually eliminates weather and scheduling related delays. These delays are further reduced by the minimal site work required by Sportsfield Specialties’ designs. Most require only the installation of a concrete slab.

Sportsfield Specialties’ pre-built products are assembled prior to shipment which avoids potential quality issues created by inconsistent on-site expertise. Joints and seams are welded together with superior MIG and TIG techniques that are only available in a controlled factory setting and there are almost no bolts to loosen over time. Sportsfield Specialties’ exclusive Five Year Warranty provides more coverage than any other manufacturer or on-site builder.

Typically pre-built construction saves 10%-30% over conventional construction. These project savings result from a more efficient construction process, bulk material purchases and reduced site work. Sportsfield Specialties’ pre-built structures are plate mounted and require almost no on-site assembly unlike the “kit-built” structures provided by other manufacturers.  

No Wiring Moulding, Wires Run inside the walls!

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Sportsfield Vs. The Others...

In sports venues, structures often have little protection from the wind, rain and sun. Their interiors are often subjected to extreme temperature and humidity conditions when they are not in use. This hostile environment is too much for a typical wood framed structure. Sportsfield Specialties uses only welded steel framing and protects the entire structure with a powder coat finish. Most of these structures are plated mounted on a concrete slab which avoids costly excavation and future potential settling issues.

Customization does not mean just selecting from a prescribed list of options. Sportsfield Specialties works with customers to develop an unique look, adapt to unusual space requirements, and accommodate other special needs.

Our well equipped fabrication facility and team of engineers, technicians and artisans turn these ideas into reality.

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