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  • All-Weather Aluminum Construction Helmet, Bat & Storage Cubby Units

    All-Weather Aluminum Construction Helmet, Bat & Storage Cubby Units

    are all pre-assembled which minimizes on-site construction time while reducing ongoing maintenance. LongGone Cubbies are available in both standalone and wall mounted configurations.

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  • DURAZone® High Jump Landing Pad Systems

    DURAZone® High Jump Landing Pad Systems

    DURAZone® Protective High Jump Field Event Padding is the first and only line of track and field padding to incorporate a one of a kind, lightweight synthetic drainage system that not only increases the life of the pad, but has significant impact resistance characteristics as well.

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  • Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher's Mound

    Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher's Mound

    Our Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher’s Mound has been completely redesigned and now offers our customers an official size, truly portable baseball pitcher’s mound; allowing for maximum design flexibility when constructing multi-use synthetic turf...

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Last year in the NFL, 35 different kickers made a total of 1,262 extra points and 863 field goals over the course of the regular season, and chances are good that not once did any of them -- or any of us watching -- think twice about the goalposts those kicks sailed through. 

For David Moxley, however, goalposts are pretty much always on the brain. As the director of sports construction sales for Sportsfield Specialties, Moxley's job, in part, is to make sure the goalposts his company manufactures are doing exactly what they're designed to do: stand up straight, hold up to the elements and only get in the way when they're deflecting slightly errant kicks.

READ MORE: http://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/five-things-you-didn-t-know-about-how-goalposts-get-made-110414

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