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Football fans across the country will get to see exactly how football goal posts are made at Sportsfield Specialties Inc. (SSI) thanks to an upcoming edition of NFL Films Presents scheduled to air on cable network Fox Sports 1 (Tuesday, Dec. 16, 8:30 p.m. ET, Thursday, Dec. 18, 7:30 p.m. ET and Sunday, Dec. 21 10:00 a.m. ET). Along with a close-up look at manufacturing at SSI, the report will note historical changes in the rules, field placement and dimensions of goal posts since the origins of American football.

According to producer Jeff Larsen, who along with a crew of three made the trip from NFL Films headquarters in Mt. Laurel, NJ to the SSI factory in October, the goal was to create “the definitive feature on the goal post with all the little details and tidbits.”

Larsen said his inspiration for the report came from a color image of SSI uprights being painted that he saw in a national publication. “The visual was really cool and it got me thinking about what goes into making these things,” he said. “I did some online research and found out that Sportsfield was America’s go-to source for goal posts.”

Larsen, who started as an intern with NFL Films in 1999, expects strong interest in the goal post feature. “Whether a goal post is in an NFL stadium or standing on a high school field, its role is the same,” he said. “Fans can relate no matter where they live or who they root for. After all, without goal posts you can’t have the game of football.”

While they were at SSI, Larsen’s crew videotaped important stages of goal post production including the bending of the gooseneck, welding the crossbar attachment, drilling the crossbar openings, and applying powder coating (paint) to the uprights. Once factory production is complete, all four sections—gooseneck, crossbar, and two uprights—are wrapped individually and shipped for assembly at the playing field.

David Moxley, SSI’s director of sports construction sales, said being spotlighted on NFL Films Presents brings a dual benefit. ”Besides the national exposure it creates for our goal post business, such recognition instills the pride of accomplishment in everyone who works here.” he said.

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