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Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher's Mound

Porta-Pitch Portable Mound


  • Newly Redesigned
  • 7 Structural Sections
  • Clay Filled Pitching Strip
  • Official Pitching Rubber
  • 3 Person Setup
  • Assembled In Under 15 Minutes

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Sportsfield Specialties Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher’s Mound has been completely redesigned and now offers our customers an official size, truly portable baseball pitcher’s mound; allowing for maximum design flexibility when constructing multi-use synthetic turf or natural grass baseball fields and/or bullpen areas.

The Porta-Pitch unit is manufactured out of seven (7) structural aluminum sections covered with an outdoor rated sheathing, a 1/4” rubber impact pad and factory installed red clay colored or green colored synthetic turf with a thatch layer. The main center section includes a clay infilled strip that allows for complete pitcher follow through and an official size, 6”W x 24”L, four (4) sided professional removable and rotatable pitcher’s rubber. The main center section also contains six (6) retractable wheels and an attachable tow hitch allowing for quick and easy movement of the Porta-Pitch unit on and off the field. The surrounding sections can be stacked on top of an optional transport cart providing for faster setup and breakdown of the Porta-Pitch and more compact storage. When fully assembled, the Porta-Pitch mimics an official size, 18’ diameter portable baseball pitcher’s mound, meeting both the 10” height and slope to finished grade requirements, while providing maximum playability at all levels of competition.

The new Porta-Pitch product design features allow for it to be set directly on the synthetic turf or natural grass field, as well as be installed and removed with only two (2) to three (3) people in under 15 minutes and all without the use of foundation anchors and/or heavy equipment. This allows for quick changeovers of the field with minimal maintenance, personnel and ground rework required. More importantly, it eliminates the need for time consuming and messy all clay built mounds that must be fully constructed and removed in the field by hand.

The Porta-Pitch provides a durable and cost effective alternative for all multi-use baseball facilities looking to maximize the use of their playing surface for alternative events that require removal of their pitcher’s mound.

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