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Long Gone™ Enclosed Dugout

Long Gone Modular Baseball Dugout with Storage Closet

Standard Sizes

  • 8' x 24'
  • 8' x 30'
  • 8' x 36'
  • 8' x 42'
  • Custom Sizes Available

Sportsfield Specialties Inc., the innovative sports construction leader, offers a factory quality, long-life, highly customizable, modular dugout which provides distinct advantages over a typical on-site built block unit. Simply place an order, pour a concrete pad, and set the modular dugout in place; what previously took weeks of on-site effort has been minimized to a few short days.

All ‘Long Gone’ Modular Dugouts are Type II steel constructed and come with a standard 3 year limited warranty. Color and siding options are specified by the end user. Outfit your custom modular dugout with additional options including 6’ storage closets, ‘Long Gone’ Team Benches, and Cubby Storage Units.

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Enclosed Dugout


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