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WJ5000 - Steeple Chase Modular Water Jump Pit Forming System



  • Eliminates Complex Hand Forming Construction
  • Integrated, Serviceable Drain & Valve
  • Easily Adjusts for Men's & Women's Events
  • Accommodates Standard Aluminum Cover Set
  • Accommodates Standard Water Jump Hurdle and Barrier Seal

The WJ5000 Steeple Chase Modular Water Jump Pit Forming System is designed to meet all NFHS, NCAA and IAAF requirements and specifications. This dimensionally accurate system provides all the necessary features to create a safe, watertight and precise pit while eliminating the complex hand forming process normally associated with cast-in-place structures. Sleeves for the optional Steeple Chase Water Jump Pit Hurdle with Barrier Seal are already installed in the framework, so the fit and finish are guaranteed.

The WJ5000 Steeple Chase Modular Water Jump Pit Forming System consists of three bolt-together panel structures that form the rear and sides of the pit. The rear wall includes an integrated, serviceable drain and valve, which can be open and closed via a T-Handle and easy access panel located at the top of the wall. All walls include a pre-installed waterstop to ensure a watertight joint between the walls and the floor. Simply excavate to the proper dimensions, install the drain piping and connection, bolt the system together and pour the concrete and the system is complete. An optional WJ5400 Steeple Chase Water Jump Pit Panel Cover Set rests on 150mm (6”) deep cover ledges. Ledge filler panels are provided to be put in place when the covers are not being utilized during a track event or if a cover set is not specified. These panels eliminate the hazardous uneven ledge at the rear and sides of the pit that might pose any danger to the athletes.

All surfaces, including the covers are designed to receive a 13mm (0.5”) layer of synthetic track material, providing a safe environment for the athlete as well as a desirable finished look. The synthetic track material is added later by the surfacing contractor.


3-Part Specifications

Aluminum Water Jump Barrier Cut Sheet

CAD Drawing

CAD Drawing

Elevation View Cutsheet

Optional Covers Cut Sheet

Plan View Cut Sheet

Rear Wall Valve View Cut Sheet

Steeple Chase System Specifications

Water Jump Hurdle Installation Instructions

Water Jump Pit Installation Instructions

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