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TFHJ1810DZ - DURAZone® National High Jump Pit, 18' x 10' x 28"

High Jump Pad


DURAZone® Protective High Jump Field Event Padding is the first and only line of track and field padding to incorporate a one of a kind, lightweight synthetic drainage system that not only increases the life of the pad, but has significant impact resistance characteristics as well. DURAZone®’s advanced synthetic drainage layer provides rapid water evacuation both vertically and laterally, wicking water away from the bottom of the pads. The unique structural pattern of the DURAZone® synthetic drainage system increases airflow under your pads, allowing the water to evaporate quickly so you no longer have to worry about excessive and prolonged ponding of water.

The result: protecting and extending the life of your pits without the problems of mildew, fungus growth, or rotting, while also adding another element of impact resistance leading to a safer overall level of competition for the athlete.

The polypropylene beaded structure used in the DURAZone® synthetic drainage system are expanded and melded together to make an extremely durable yet permeable, lightweight material—offering both quick, lasting drainage and outstanding energy absorption all in one.

DURAZone® costs significantly less than the usual cumbersome platform drainage system found in today’s market. Not only does it cost less, but no separate installation is necessary! DURAZone®’s synthetic drainage layer is manufactured into the pad. No longer do you have to worry about the hassle of moving your pits separately from your platform drainage system.

Combined with the attributes already provided with the Sportsfield Specialties, Inc. JumpZone® line of Field Event Protective Padding, DURAZone® takes innovation and technology a step further, offering a lasting, one of a kind product.

Protecting and extending the life of your pits doesn’t need to be a hassle. With Sportsfield Specialties it’s simple: DURAZone® provides a cost effective premium landing pit that stands up to the weather year after year without impacting its primary mission; protection for your athletes.

United States Patent #7,753,826 - Issued July 13, 2010

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DuraZone_01High Jump Pad w/ Cover

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