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Netting Systems

Standard Netting Systems

With the continued development of multi-purpose athletic facilities, it is now more important than ever to provide a safer environment for your athletes, coaches, officials and spectators. Our ball safety netting systems are specifically designed to divide areas of concern, reduce liability and ensure that all participants, fans, coaches and officials are protected.

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StormGuard® Netting Systems

StormGuard® is the first and only ball safety netting system in the industry that is both designed and professionally pre-engineered to allow the net to fall to the ground before failures of the poles and/or hardware occur under extreme wind speed and/or adverse weather conditions such as ice and snow.

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Tension Netting Systems

These systems are an attractive option for any new playing field or they can be custom designed to fit your existing field and bleacher setup. There are two types available; a pole to pole system and a tie-back pole system. Tension netting systems are utilized in many applications, but mainly as protective netting for baseball & softball backstops.

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Football Netting Systems

One of the more traditional applications, netting is often located behind football goal posts to help catch field goals and extra points. We offer several standard football safety netting systems which are designed to address this specific need. This application is increasingly important when other athletic fields or facilities are located directly behind your football goal posts. Custom sizes and/or designs available.

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Portable Netting Systems

All standard features of our 8’ and 10’ high systems still apply, with the one exception being a uniquely designed portable base plate assembly. This design feature allows the system to be completely portable and is perfect for facilities who desire the capability of moving their netting system, or for those with existing fields who do not have the luxury of installing ground sleeves.

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We offer two types of netting options; a standard #36 gauge twisted, knotted black nylon or an upgrade to Ultra Cross Knotless Dyneema® netting. Both types are available in either 1-3/4" or 4" square mesh sizes.

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