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Baseball & Softball

Modular Dugouts

Sportsfield Specialties Inc., the innovative sports construction leader, offers a factory quality, long-life, highly customizable, modular dugout which provides distinct advantages over a typical on-site built block unit.

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Foul Poles

Our Long Gone baseball / softball foul poles are available in standard heights. All foul poles are powder coated yellow, utilize ground sleeves with corresponding caps or a base plate mounting system for a semi-permanent installation. All of which are available with or without a wing. Custom pole heights and wing sizes are available upon request.

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Batting Tunnels

We offer cantilever, overhead and tension style baseball / softball batting tunnels. All batting tunnels come with a mesh net, block pulley system, ground sleeves with caps and hinged net stabilizer extension arms to ensure that the net remains taut and secure. Custom sizes, layouts & base plate mounting systems are available upon request.

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Bases, Home Plates & Pitching Rubbers

Sportsfield Specialties has partnered with Schutt® Sports, the market leader in baseball / softball equipment to offer a complete line of baseball / softball field equipment, including Schutt® / Hollywood bases, home plates & pitching rubbers as well as remaining miscellaneous field equipment. We also offer our complete line of TurfBase® line of bases, plates & pitching rubbers.

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Portable Fencing

The most durable and lightweight portable & semi-permanent fencing system avaialble in the sports construction market today. Our fencing systems are designed to be utilized in both synthetic turf and natural grass applications. Easy to install and easy to remove, this truly portable fencing system can be used in a variety of applications to provide temporary fencing solutions.

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Portable Pitcher's Mounds

Sportsfield Specialties Porta-Pitch Portable Pitcher’s Mound has been completely redesigned and now offers our customers an official size, truly portable baseball pitcher’s mound; allowing for maximum design flexibility when constructing multi-use synthetic turf or natural grass baseball fields and/or bullpen areas. Custom sizes and/or designs available upon request.

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Padding & Windscreen

Available in both BaseZone® and EnviroZone® models, our field wall padding is the industry standard installed in hundreds of stadiums across the world including; Major League and Minor League Baseball, NFL, Canadian and Indoor Arena Football, World Cup Soccer, NCAA Baseball, Softball & Football. Multiple colors to choose from. Custom digitally printed graphics available.

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Batter's Eyes

Double layer of vinyl coated polyester mesh windscreen material with brass grommets inserted in perimeter hem every 12" on center and corners for attachment purposes. Powder coated black finish. Standard mesh colors available. Optional custom digitally printed lettering and/or graphics available upon request.

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