StormGuard® Netting Systems


  • Site-specific design engineered by professional
  • Self-release device protects system from pole and hardware failure due to extreme weather
  • Variety of standard powder coated colors available
  • #36 Gauge twisted and knotted black nylon netting
  • US Patent #9,586,123 (3/7/17), #9,017,190 (8/28/15)

Product Details

Patented StormGuard® Ball Safety Netting is the first and only system designed and engineered to respond to extreme weather by releasing its net before pole and/or hardware failure. Our innovative design uses a shear pin device attached to the net at the top of each pole. If winds exceed ~70 mph, the pin triggers the smaller drop shaft to release from a cylindrical steel weight; this causes the net to fall to the ground. Once the storm passes, the shear pin can be replaced and the netting can be raised back into position. Our StormGuard® systems utilize a tensioned vertical cabling network, which is attached to each pole, keeping the net taut to the pole and allowing for convenient installation and removal of the net. #36 gauge, twisted and knotted black nylon comes standard with this item.

Stamped and sealed engineer drawings are available with this product, which includes structural design details with concrete anchoring foundations based on your local building codes and soil conditions. StormGuard® Ball Safety Systems are professionally pre-engineered to meet the ASCE 7-10 wind rating up to 150 mph, Exposure B. Ask about custom StormGuard® systems that can meet higher wind speed and/or seismic requirements in some geographic areas.