Ultra Cross® Braided Dyneema® Netting


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  • 95% visibility and 54% less net than industry alternative
  • Unique construction makes Ultra Cross® super-strong
  • 3rd Party tests confirm the effectiveness of Ultra Cross

Product Details

Ultra Cross® Braided and Knotless Dyneema® Netting offers engineered safety and uncompromised visibility for spectators in the stands. The braided and knotless design provides the strongest configuration for netting and the super-strong Dyneema® fiber contributes to this product’s excellence in tenacity, UV and chemical resistance, and resistance to abrasion. Ultra Cross® is used by 17 MLB stadiums and numerous MiLB and NCAA venues.

In 2016, Innovative Test Solutions conducted extensive 3rd party tests finding that our product held up to 600 baseball impacts at speeds up to 115 mph! To simulate a field installation, a scaled netting model was constructed to replicate a tension netting system. This cable suspended system consisted of (4) constraint cables, located at each edge of a 10’x10’ 1.2mm Knotless Ultra Cross® Dyneema® net panel. The net was then lashed to the cables, as shown in the manufacturer’s installation instructions, with a combination of zip ties and braided rope. Once the system was in place, a series of standard baseballs were fired at the net from various distances using a high-powered pitching machine, starting at the MLB recommendation of 60’ and dropping to as little as 10’. See the table below for a summary of the results.