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Field Hockey Goals

Field Hockey Goals


  • Regulation Inside Dimensions - 12'L x 7'H x 4' D
  • TIG welded joints ensure superior durability
  • Single piece side frames reduce installation and strengthen structure
  • Long-lasting solid polyboard bottom boards
  • Meets and exceeds NFHS and NCAA standards







Product Details

Our Field Hockey Goals have TIG welded joints, single-piece side frames, and polyboard bottom boards making them extremely durable. The bottom boards effectively absorb ball impact without denting, splitting or breaking and they’re easy to replace, as needed. Integrated net fasteners are welded in place giving these goals a safer low profile design that are the strongest net clips in the industry.

Field Hockey Goal Mobility Kits makes it easy for two users to move the goal safely. Large "turf friendly" tires allow for easy transport across any surface, and the solid rubber design prevents issues commonly encountered with pneumatic alternatives. The durable powder coated aluminum housing ensures maintenance free use.

Goal Safety Clamps allow the end user to secure the secure the Field Hockey Goal to the ground, preventing accidental tip-over or unwanted movement of the goal.

Specs & Downloads

FHG 7' x 12' x 4', Black polyethylene bottom boards
Standard 2.5mm twisted black polyethylene net
FHGWK Field hockey goal with mobility wheel kit, mobility wheel kit for use with synthetic turf or natural grass applications